March 1, 2019


In our most recent

Protect the Homeland course

there were those

in certain sectors who did not realize

just how easily

all good faith life and prosperity

could be illogically invaded and devastated

by those not yet given the message,

the war is over.


We live in a remarkable time.


A time where intelligent life,

civilized life

can truly prosper and thrive

without threat of invasion,



or enslavement.


And yet,

just like in any previous war setting,

it takes a certain amount of time

for that information

to get out into the population

to every fellow citizen

and every citizen of Earth.


Imagine the tragedy,

towards the end of WWII for example,

the announcement of victory is given

and yet there is a lag in the information

while innocent prisoners

held for no reason other than


were still being stripped naked

and led like herds into rooms

to be mass-murdered

by forces whose war

had just been utterly defeated.


We do not live in that time



and yet,


this is a big world

and not everyone

is connected to information sources

or information feeds

where crucial, life-saving information

can be rapidly disseminated.


Integrity of the media

and of new sources,

and of good faith testimony

must be protected.


Just the very mention

of such fidelity requirement...


in the hands of those

so calloused and jaded

towards life, its blessings, and potential



as a challenge

to incite rebellion

due to some wrong

some cry of injustice

that same remnant of evil

strategically disenfranchised,

and deceptively turned

as post-war “ally”.


This is the year 2019.

I am an American citizen

with certain, protected, inalienable rights

detailed specifically

in The Declaration of Independence,

The U.S. Constitution,

and the Bill of Rights

(the first 10 amendments).


During the last 11 years

our country has sustained

one of the most vicious

psychological warfare attacks

in the history of our nation.


The strategic, concerted effort

to destroy the middle class

and turn this country

into a Socialist/Communist

hell hole


have been subtle,

and if it were not for those of us

who understand these attempts

and what it means

for the future of our country...


this is where today’s testimony begins:


What’s it like?



you’re just walking around

as a shell

completely and totally hollow inside.


You keep attempting to anchor

and occasionally

things catch hold for a little while

but the result is still the same.




Because permanency

and the assurance of Permanency

as a good faith American citizen

was completely and totally embodied…

100 percent.


And so even if something

motivates you for a while

and seems like it might amount to something


in the process of rebuilding an entire life


it doesn’t.


Because no matter what you do

no matter what achievement

no matter what success

at the end of the day

you go to bed alone.


And it reminds you

of why and how you did everything…

for your spouse, your children,

your family, your neighbors…

and yes, even your state and country.


Nothing ultimately matters

without the love of your life…

the one you promised

on vow before God and witnesses

you would always be with

and they also promised the same.


When you give yourself completely like that…

you can talk to other people,

you can maybe work with other people…

but at the end of the day

you have no one

to share it with.


No one who genuinely cares about you

like your spouse does or can.



terrorist tactics, and then

forced agreement

to a no fault divorce

and irreconcilable differences dissolution

against an innocent faithful spouse

under unconstitutional threat

of further terrorist acts and imprisonment


is nothing but a well-played strategy

of those methodically introducing lawlessness

into the communities and nation

they intend to conquer.


How does a person

get up in the morning

and look themselves in the mirror

knowing they abandoned

their wife, children, and good name

for nothing but soulless whores

and the most empty illusions of success?


That is the natural question, right?


A Christian man... would never

do such a thing.


Even an everyday good ol’ boy

who trusts in God

but has very little detailed

Scriptural verse-by-verse backup.

He just inherently knows...

that’s just not what you do

to the girl you walked down the aisle with

and promised to love, honor, cherish,

and protect her

as long as you both shall live...

as long as there’s a God in Heaven.


You see... my husband...

if he was

that creep...

that guy

who would do such a thing...


when the first attacks

hit our marriage and household

he would have

moved in with his guy friends

who had already destroyed

their first, second,

maybe even third marriages and families.


But he didn’t.


As a Christian man

who was compromised

by an opportunistic student


he snapped out of it...

the temporary biochemical hypnosis

that entraps men

in that sort of illicit seduction.


He turned back


and every night

night after night

we made specific, conscious time

to do nothing else

but remember who we were,

remember why we are,

and enjoy our time together

in a way only we could do.


My husband and I,

we know each other

better than anyone else on the planet,

and we as a couple and as a family

made the conscious choice

to move away from the invading enemies.


We moved... together

to the place I am living now

to continue to live our life

happily, lovingly, productively...


together as husband and wife

and most importantly


as best friends.


That’s what makes the specific

manipulation and attacks here

so unconscionable.


I mean, I am thankful

that it was me.


I’ve said that before

in that,

with my gifts, talents, and skill sets,

I could in good faith


the wholly unconstitutional and illegal

manipulation, kidnapping, and extortion

that terrorized and subjected

entire communities to unspeakable

abuses and tyrannical overreach.


We, my husband and I,

had never had any exposure

to this sort of tactic, let alone

actually think that it would be

going on anywhere in America.


So when the manipulation and terrorism

began here... we were both completely


we truly had no idea

what was really happening.


The strategy was to pit each spouse

against each other.


And after I was kidnapped

by law enforcement impersonators

and subjected to 10 days

of forced medication and interrogation

by threat of incapacitating injection,


they never at any point said

why I was there.


What I was held for.


And the worse part...

they only spoke to my husband



that he make sure

I take medications they had forced on me...


transferring the assault tactic

back to my husband.


So when I simply said

I didn’t want to take anything

those impostors illegally, forcibly prescribed,


he insisted to the point of anger ...

pitting us against each other.


It’s horrifying now to understand


he was literally being psychologically

manipulated by those guys too.


It makes so much sense really

thinking back on it.


If you have a faithful, loving couple,

who have weathered the storm of

strategic adulterous invasion,

and clearly have no consideration of

separation or

intention of divorce or dissolution


those sort of terrorist tactics are employed,

especially if there is any perception

that couple might have assets,

or businesses,

or anything of value

that those type of extortion methods

could glean and confiscate.


A community with

strong, good faith couples and families

is simply too much of a threat

to systems which survive only

on the dysfunction and sickness of others.


To strategically destroy

marriages and families,

puts those individuals

in a weakened position




with the end goal,

the intended consequence:

government dependency,

welfare states,

and cheap labor camp enslavement.


Christians are easy targets

because they, in good faith,


that in America,

the Land of the Free and

Home of the Brave...


men of Integrity,

men of Honor,

men of Good Faith Vision

would never under any circumstances

allow such tyranny.


And you know what ...

they wouldn’t

if they knew what was going on.


I am thankful.


It has been 11 long years

since the strategic, concerted attacks

on our marriage and family began.


I speak of these things now

to warn

and to sound the alarm

for those men of Integrity,

for those men of Honor

who have the credentials,

who have the J.D.s,

who have the judicial oversight,

who have the Good Faith command

of valiant law enforcement and the military...

who would never, even for a moment,

consider turning

on their fellow good faith Americans.


Just like during WWII,

there were many in Germany

who were

people of good faith,

people of honor,

and would never willfully choose

to commit acts of terror and violence

against another group of fellow citizens


they were merely following orders.


And that is why

this information

is so important.


We are not Germany.


In America, we are not beholden

to any authority

that uses as the basis for its power

strong arm, terrorization tactics

against their fellow citizens.


It is 100 percent

unconstitutional and illegal

to detain anyone

against their will

with no warrant,

no rights,

and no cause.


It is 100 percent

unconstitutional and illegal

to forcibly medicate an American citizen

against their will

by threat of incapacitating injection

and further subjection to interrogation

and terrorist tactics.


It is 100 percent

unconstitutional and illegal

to file a no fault or

irreconcilable differences dissolution

against an innocent spouse and children,

to restrain them,

to prohibit them from income,


and livelihood

with no just cause.


It is 100 percent

unconstitutional and illegal

to rob that innocent spouse and children

of life, liberty, and property

in deference to an illegal, invading adulterer,

subjugating the children

under the premise of “shared custody”

with a criminal home invader.


It is time to defend the Homeland.

It is time to defend

innocent, good faith women and children.


The only reason there was a need

for additional amendments

to the Constitution

beyond the first ten,

was because of this very sort of injustice.


You see during the time

of the founding of our nation,

the rights of women (a faithful wife)

and the rights of household servants...

were protected as a matter of character

by decent, good faith men.


An honorable household leader,

who provided, encouraged, and nurtured

those in his care

enjoyed the blessing and reciprocity

of that vision and morality.


The Founding Fathers

did not specifically identify the need

to state that women (their faithful wife)

had a right to vote,

or that household servants

had a right to vote,

let alone have the need

to be freed from “slavery”...


they would all vote the same as their

endearing protector.


Those household leaders

were the most basic form

of representative government.


When men of ill will and ill purpose

abused the privilege of such submission,

the need for a different vote

a different voice

was specifically articulated

as an amendment to the Constitution

to ensure all Men (Mankind)

did indeed enjoy the rights and privileges

fundamental to good faith.


There are those that are concerned

that the use of Executive Order

is a double-edged sword, in that,

a good faith Emergency Declaration

could easily lead opposition,

should they return to power,

to evoke that same

emergency declaration

for their “agendas”.


Here is your clarification:


An Executive Branch Emergency Order

that would call for the confiscation of guns,

the confiscation of firearms...


would be unconstitutional

and would instantly reveal

the ignorance

in front of all good faith Americans

of the individual or group of individuals

evoking such order.


If there is any infringement

against the rights

of good faith American citizens

specifically enumerated,

especially in the context of

The Declaration of Independence,

the subsequent formative framework

of the U.S. Constitution,

and the specifically articulated

Bill of Rights...

there is no basis, validity, or authority

in such Executively attempted Order.


If there is any lesson at all

that should be learned

from the last 11 years,

it is that those in

representative political position

in all branches

Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

whether elected or appointed,

must in all cases

consider every motion,

every act of protection...

in light of the Founding documents.


There is simply...

no other Precedent.


America is like no other form of government.


We, as good faith individuals,

are specifically sovereign

and have the right

to protect ourselves

against all enemies

foreign and domestic.


That last reference, domestic,

has been for the most part

an unthinkable premise.


What sort of person...

especially a good faith American citizen

would be an enemy,

would act against,

such good faith

freedom, liberty, and blessing?


Only those

in those areas of our country

who haven’t received the message...


the war is over.


Slavery was ended in the United States

over 150 years ago.


One hundred and fifty years ago.


While we do not in America

recognize an Establishment of Religion,


we also do not recognize

the free exercise of those

behaviors and practices


which infringe the good faith rights

of a fellow American citizen.


You shall not stand

in the House,

in the Senate,

in the White House,

or in the Supreme Court

and bring Measures, Bills,

Orders, or Rulings

that from inception

employ strategy or shrewd cunning

as a veiled coup attempt

subjecting We the People of America

to subversion and assault

against our own citizens.


As Sons and Daughters

of Liberty

we fundamentally see those forces

and factions

for what they are:



with treasonous intent.


The war is over.


America is a land

of freedom and opportunity

to all our good faith citizens.


We have legal immigration policies.

We have civilized communities and values.


Most of us...

the majority of us

have lived this blessing for generations.


The deception is over.


America is and always will be




United we stand.



we’ll just run circles around you,


and read you


Constitutionally protected and assured

inalienable rights.


Attempt to divide us again...


We the People

in order to form a more perfect Union

establish Justice,

and to ensure Domestic Tranquility

will read you

your rights as a criminal...


a citizen not acting in good faith


towards their fellow citizens of

honor, integrity, and fidelity.






* * * *



Welcome to The Almighty University

where Intelligent Life

is our Instruction,


and Guide.


More soon.


Much Love,

Mama Murphy





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