January 16, 2019
with additional
followup discussion
January 17, 2019


Recently, in one of our

What It Is To Be An American Citizen

discussions on campus

for leaders and distinguished guests

in their respective sectors and communities,


a heartbreaking deficiency

was revealed

in just basic understanding

of what it is to be a

sovereign individual

and the rights and privileges

afforded and protected

uniquely in America

by our founding documents.


It was heartbreaking

in that even legislators,

community leaders, teachers,

and even prominent and not so prominent

business owners

truly did not fundamentally understand

the rights each American citizen

not only has

but holds... inviolable,

without any threat of infringement

any time


there is a question of deference

as far has who, in any specific

“authority” or “authoritative” question,

has ultimate supremacy

and therefore, sovereignty.


If there are words in today’s transmission

you read and think generally

you understand,

I would encourage you

as a practice of self-discipline

to look up for yourself,

as added confirmation,

just what those “big words”

actually mean.


Our Founding Fathers did.



they were so well read

and so well educated

(self-taught by the way)

they understood

the importance of exact wording

and clarification.


We have reached a specific time

in the history of our Nation

where the balance of power

has seemingly shifted...

and become for any rational observer...



Now before some

in elected or appointed representation

take the simple mention of the word


as some sort of ridiculous

anarchistic offense...




and exhibit

the intelligence and rational thought

necessary and expected

of a position officially addressed as

The Honorable Such and Such.


If you do not have the ability

to listen to an intelligent

rational discussion

on The Declaration of Independence,

The U.S. Constitution,

and the Bill of Rights...


you might just be part of that

heartbreakingly embarrassing for you

misinformation and miseducation

of what true authority

in a representative government

really is.


The number one goal

and understanding

of this discussion today

is to bring you to the point

of this intelligent, informed

moment of epiphany:


In America,


are nothing more than

mere proxy representatives

with zero

and I mean zero authority

over sovereign individual citizens

living in good faith

towards themselves

and their fellow Americans

and whose daily actions and behaviors

consistently demonstrate

that good faith and character.


Their lives, actions, and behaviors

are non-infringing

and thus

they have the right, freedom,

and sovereign individual authority

to live in peace, safety, and security

in those very same expectations.


There are certain rights

that each good faith citizen has

that are simply



The key term that has been missing

in so much of the discussions

concerning laws and violations

and the “powers” of “government”

over the people,

is the easily observable

characteristic of

“good faith”.


It’s so important to this discussion

I will present the definition here:


good faith


honesty or sincerity of intention.


It’s not a religious reference,

it is simply a characteristic

and quality of manner

non-infringing towards

their fellow citizens.


It is unfortunate

that the “laws” and “ordinances”

in some areas of the United States

have fallen so far off the mark

of the original intent

of our Founding Fathers

and their remarkable formative documents

for this great Nation,

that the term “law-abiding”

has come in direct conflict

with those certain inalienable rights

self-evident to all citizens of good faith.


In America,

in those instances

where conflicts might occur,


is always


in favor of sovereign individual rights

and not the mere proxy representatives

whose only charge

is to facilitate and protect

those individual rights

of their fellow American citizens,


and certainly not in favor

of the bureaucracy

that has gradually formed over time

because of gross misunderstanding and


of fundamental Constitutional rights,

why they are so important,

and why they must ALWAYS

be protected.



To illustrate

just what a proxy representative

truly is:


There are two little boys

sitting on the corner

in Smalltown USA.


One little boy’s dad

takes a break from mowing his yard

and asks his son

to run down to the corner market

to purchase three corn dogs

and three lemonades

so they can all enjoy

dad’s lunch break together.


The boys

glad to have an official errand

to perform on behalf

of their hardworking benefactor

instantly agree and

after the dad gives his son the money,

the two boys walk swiftly towards

the fulfillment of that request

on behalf of their gracious constituent.


When they get to the corner market

there are all sorts of kids

just hanging out in the parking lot.


They immediately approach

the two boys sent there

specifically to get

three corn dogs

and three lemonades

and head back home

to enjoy the freedom of

simply having a corner market

where those items are prepared fresh


and all the dad has to do

is mow the yard

instead of also

slaughtering the pig,

grinding the cornmeal

engineering the deep fryer

procuring the oil

and carving the wooden stick

to ingeniously present and enjoy

each corn dog

once the batch was done.


That thankful dad

also understood

the corner market made it possible for him

to just simply be able to mow his yard

without also having to plant and harvest

lemon trees... although he could,

or invent an ice machine

or import sugar from some far off place

let alone hand squeeze

each fully ripened fruit

into the disposable cups

that would carry the day’s refreshment

all the way home

without losing a drop


...because someone somewhere knew

little boys might be carrying

those convenient refreshments

all the way home

and thoughtfully in good faith

created a lid

to secure every delicious drop

of wholesome liquid sunshine

so the dad would get full value

for that mutually beneficial transaction.



for a reasonable exchange of value,

in this instance... cash

those two boys

could be sent on an errand

and bring home

exactly what their constituent requested,

without infringing, bullying,

or enslaving


along the way.


Remarkable really ...

when you think about it.


But anyway.


The two boys were approached

by a group of much larger boys

who clearly thought

that corner market

was only there for their benefit

and their benefit only.


Whadda you guys want?

one of the bigger boys asked

as he stopped them in their path.


Thrilled to just be there

on such an official errand

the son spoke up...

We’re here to purchase

three corn dogs

and three lemonades

to take back home

and enjoy with my dad

on his lunch break

from mowing the yard.

We’re not old enough

to run the mower just yet

so we’re glad to help out

any way we can.


Well WE are hungry,

another bigger boy spoke up.

You need to buy US

corn dogs and lemonades

before you can take home

that lunch for you two and your dad.


The boys were confused.

They were only given just enough money

to purchase three corndogs

and three lemonades

and then enjoy a happy meal

with their benefactor.


These guys had no right to that money.

The dad didn’t even know these guys.


Nah. That’s ok,

the other little boy spoke up.

We’re just here on an errand

for my friend’s dad.

We can’t give this money to you.

It’s for his lunch with us.

Not you.


Maybe you could ask your dad

to give you some money

and then

you could take lunch home

to him too.


We don’t have dads,

the bigger boys answered.


Now you are going to

buy those corn dogs and lemonades

for us

or we’re going to

not only take your money

but we’ll follow you home

and take all your dad’s money too.


We get to eat first.

We’re bigger.

And there’s a whole lot more of us

than there are of you.


So the two boys,


and much faster,

ran all the way home

to tell their constituent

what had happened

at the corner market.


Those boys don’t have a right

to do that to you,

the dad explained.


I sent you there as my representative

to purchase

three corndogs and three lemonades.

Now you go back there

and don’t pay any attention

to those boys.


The market owner

wouldn’t allow that to happen

in his parking lot.


I’ll give him a call

to let him know

you’re on your way

and should have a safe experience

in his corner market,

especially when I’m sending you there

on my behalf.


So the boys

now with the full authority

and financial backing

of their constituent

once again arrived at the corner market.


Sure enough

the bigger boys were still outside,

but this time

the market owner

came out and stood among them.


Hello boys.

We’ve been expecting you.

Hand over the cash

so I can make these bigger boys

some lunch first.

They are bigger

so they get to eat first,

the market owner declared.

Hand over the money now

or these boys will take it from you.


But my dad said he would call

so you would be expecting us

and we could just purchase

what he is requesting

from your corner market

and go back home,

the son explained.

Did you not talk to him?


Oh no... I talked to him.

But these boys get to eat first.

They’re bigger,

the market owner insisted.


But this is all our lunch money.

We won’t get to eat,

the son replied.


Maybe next time

tell your dad

to send enough for all of us to eat

or we’ll just come there

and take all his money

and then make all of you work

6 months out of the year

to pay for our lunches first.


And then

when all of you fall sick

because of hunger, thirst,

and exhaustion,

we’ll make you go to our doctors,

who will patch you up just enough

to work the rest of the year...

to pay them.


So the boys, once thrilled

by the opportunity

to perform such an official duty

on behalf of their constituent

realized they wouldn’t make it home

without agreeing

to the demands of the corner market owner

and those bigger boys

just waiting for more

newby representatives

to fully fund

their bellies

and negotiated trade deals

with the corner market owner




all the dads

in the surrounding neighborhood

condemned the actions

of the corner market owner,

shut him down,

and rounded up all the illegal bullies

who had no right

to anything or anyone in that

good faith neighborhood



in America


has every inalienable right

to stand their ground

and keep their families,

assets, property,

and fellow neighbors

safe, well-fed, and protected

by rational, intelligent,

sovereign individual good faith

and authority.










* * * *


They have erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”


They have combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving their Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation.”


“They have imposed Taxes on us
without our Consent.”


“In every stage of these Oppressions
We have Petitioned for Redress
in the most humble terms:
Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

A Prince
(in this case, specifically in America, a mere individual proxy or conspiring group of
mere proxy representatives
whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant,
is unfit to be the ruler
(let alone the proxy representation)
of a free people.”




* * * * *


After the initial discussion,

there was a secondary line of questioning

concerning just how

We the People

could return to those original intents

and original foundations of

good faith.


The first solution put forward

from the floor

was the suggestion

of a Convention of States

or even outright secession

of specific states attempting

to be proactive to protect

the individual sovereignty

of our citizens.


The funny part

about these sort of suggestions

is that there are some

REALLY extraordinarily smart

constitutional scholars

and constitutional lawyers

who have actually been lured

into this sort of thought process.


Let’s look at Texas for example.

Right there along the southern border.

Issues with unlawful entry

directly into their state

and our country.


And not just unlawful entry,

but foreign nationals

moving right into Texas,

setting up right there in the middle

of their livingrooms and livelihoods

and expecting to have equal

food, clothing, shelter, and education

as if they are legitimate

children of Texas,

who are protected not only

as children of Texas

but first and foremost

as children of America,

children of our Constitution,

and thus children endowed

with certain non-negotiable rights...



Those foreign invaders,

have no respect of boundaries.

No respect of rules or laws.

No respect for the

American citizens they will displace

as they walk right in

and take over Texas.


If Texas secedes from the U.S.,

those Constitutional protections

and the provisions, protections, and

alliance with all other states in the Union



And pretty soon,

without course correction

their portion

of the shining City on the hill

will be overrun

and decimated

by those who not only

don’t recognize

those sacred rights, principles, and values,

but are also enslaved to exploitation,

manipulation, and all manner

of strongman behaviors and abuses.


Still don’t understand?



This should do it.


There is a woman,

whose only method of survival

is invasion, division, and conquer.

She has heard about this wealthy guy

that loves to be seen with the ladies.

It boosts his ego

and among men of similar thought

it boosts his manliness

and strongman impression

if he has several women

fawning over him

for sexual attention and favor.


That man

has a wife and children,

and has been married over

two decades.

His wife, an absolute sweetheart,

and the children she has lovingly trained,

also brought up in those principles,

precepts, and behaviors

that build strong families and communities.


No one thinks for a second

that man

would actually seriously cross the line

and allow those fawning women

to enter his house or marriage,

let alone expose his sweetheart children

to such wanton, ignorant, vagrant creatures

who by consciously pursuing that which is

protected and fortressed

have demonstrated

no conscious understanding

of honor, fidelity, or wisdom,

let alone ones that would be

welcome allies

in a real crisis or battle.



the foreign invading woman

creates dysfunction

within the system and hierarchy

of the marriage and household.


If the faithful wife and children

(the good faith citizens)

are not aware of this strategy

and react in offended


(file for divorce)


the invading whore



Based on the attitudes

of men in particular

during this most recent onslaught

of that sort of


invasion strategy...


I’m not sure

why they all haven’t just taken

all their personally owned firearms

tanks, military jets,

hell... civilian jets for that matter

and just lined them up along the border

with a sign:

“Free. The door’s open. Come on in.”


Here’s my suggestion

and “Contract with America”

to make sure that nonsense

is never allowed to represent

any individual sovereign American citizen.


It’s called the First Blow Law.


Attempting to stand in front of

the American people

as a Constitutional bastion

of representation,

yet having so many instances

of infidelity

and public record

of willful conscious

open borders philosophy

towards the most important castle

you were charged to protect...


disqualifies you

from public service... forever.


I remember the original

Contract with America...

as a young, faithful wife and mom,

raising two small children,

and supporting, uplifting,

and encouraging my Christian husband.

I personally looked at those guys

as true American patriots

and modern day “heroes”.




What sort of man

has an affair

and is so brainwashed

by the invading creature

he actually serves his wife

divorce papers

while she is in the hospital

recovering from cancer treatment...

the cancer...

more than likely directly

triggered and exacerbated

by the infidelity of that same man.


I used to listen to that man.

Thought him a valuable national treasure

of Constitutional understanding and

In God We Trust pride.



His words are meaningless.




I used to listen

to a radio personality

also of fine Conservative stock

with talent on loan

from God.


He even put out children’s books

attempting to bring the stories

of Paul Revere

to a thirsty

Christian homeschool market,

with three,

count them,


public records

of unconditional unforgiveness,

yet in the ranks of gentlemen’s sport,

was apparently allowed a mulligan

somewhere along the way

and after the ump’s third strike call,

simply exclaimed, “Four!”


I used to listen and learn from

all these “exemplary” men,

until their personal example,

destroyed everything

I worked for

my entire faithful life

and the judiciary

through the unconstitutional

invasion tactic of no-fault dissolution

complied in lockstep.


A no-fault dissolution structure,

I later found out

was introduced into this country

through none other than

California Governor

Ronald Reagan,

who, once in the Presidency,

indirectly introduced that concept


just by “virtue” of that pedestal position

and subsequent spotlight on his

historical archive record.


And so what are Americans

of good faith

to do?


On one side of the aisle

misguided males

are shouting,

Give us your good faith sons

that we may have sex with them!


And on the other side of the aisle

the misguided males are shouting,

Give us sexual liberty

or give us death!



the surrounding hordes,

heap up along our borders.

Those tired, poor, huddled masses

yearning to breathe free,

the wretched refuse

of teeming shores,

more than happy to lay down

or offer up their children

into the arms of that sexual liberty

and rot Us all

from within

corroding such fools


personal sovereign power

and inalienable freedom

to mere proxy non fidelis

costumed in business attire

as prudent

rite of passage, wisdom, and maturity.



* * * * *



Welcome to The Almighty University

where Intelligent Life

is our Instruction,


and Guide.


More soon.


Much Love,

Mama Murphy





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